Christmas in the desert, 2006
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Christmas day, on Bristol Lake south of Amboy, about 140 miles east of Los Angeles.


And Moses prayed to the Lord; and Moses struck the rock with his staff, and the rock issued forth a mounting block.
If you ever need one, it's in Cadiz Lake at N34 degrees 10.389 min. x W115 degrees 20.508 min.


Traveller and Margareta

The main downside of riding here is that there are a lot of burrows the horse can break through, although one learns to spot them.


Bristol Lake again.


In the dunes on the far side of Bristol Lake. The wind was picking up.


Shortly after this the Santa Anas hit with a fury, we were drenched by a brief hard thundershower, and a sandstorm brewed up.

The sandstorm blots out the mountains not far away. We had to run across the lake to beat it to the shelter of the truck.


At El Rancho Delores in 29 Palms.

Checking on the horses through the bathroom window.

Just east of Clarks Pass, east of 29 Palms. Jean found a sand waterfall here.



Not Grendel.

We had lunch and a nap in the little bowl.

Homesteaders got 5 acres if they build a minimal house. The valley east of 29 Palms is dotted with the abandoned shacks.


In the lava beds around the Amboy Crater.


The full moon reflected in a canal in the San Joaquin bottomlands just NE of Los Banos. We'd stopped for a last hour's outing on the way back home on New Year's day.

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