Postindustrial Horsemanship

“Once I moved about like the wind; now I surrender.” — Geronimo

“Great ride!” — George H.W. Bush, stepping down from office, January 21, 1993

“and so from misfortune and dominion, this throne set forth through the meadowlands.”
 — Pablo Neruda, Saddelry   

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Along the west levee of the San Joaquin

Wild horses in Kilpecker Valley, Wyoming, run by Jean and disappear in the distance.
Wyoming wild horses passing by detour over to check me and Grandiosa out.
●Indian Marwari horse moving out in Rajhastan.
●Evidently how they train the Marwaris.

Pictures and stories:


Spring 2012: A Stage; A Social Encounter; Runaway; New Horse

Trotting in Transylvania, April 2011. Riding through villages with no pavement, and pictures of horses in Romania.

Tips and Tricks: last updated Feb. 12, 2011.

 The Rajasthan Marwari horse fair, November 2010: Why Marwaris … the Prince of Jodhpur … vehicular chaos … fear and reincarnation … sitting [under] the trot … overseeing the peasantry … untouchable pooper scooper … stills and videos

Along the border from the Pacific to Calexico, summer 2010.

Horse images from Israel, 2008: ancient, Bedouin, and miscellaneous.

Wyoming 2008: high and cool ... the dope ... wild horses ... horse tales ... mathematically perfect in all directions. Wyoming 2008 slideshow; videos.

July-August 2008 horsenews: Los Banos … a tale of two playdays … best ride of the summer … an insight. July-August 2008 slideshow.

May & June horsenews: too ugly for keep off signs … horsewomen of Santa Cruz … a pointless obstacle. May-June 2008 slideshow

March & April 2008 horsenews: 9.89 mph … 13.25 mpg … shopping for a horse … misjudged ... March-April 2008 slideshow (including a new all-time favorite picture).

February 2008 horsenews: “I love that fucking horse” ... the tempest ... the rub ... the stables of Lord Percy, Fifth Earl of Northumberland, 1512. February 2008 slideshow.

January 2008 horsenews: Damsel in distress … doggone … Purgatorio. January 2008 slideshow.

December horsenews: The kindness of strangers: Welcome winter … shooting guns from horseback … too steep or not too steep … gourmet picnicking December 2007 slideshow.

Christmas 2007 slideshow: the desert near Needles, California.

November 2007 – peace and quiet: 2nd best horse book ... decrankification .. new Pt. Reyes trail ... symmetry. November 2007 slideshow.

October 2007  –  Recoveries: Scorched earth … love not war … a movie review … the Santa Anas … lost enough. October 2007 slideshow.

September 2007  –  Nueva Mexico. Give me three steps, mister ... big stink ... un rodeo Mexicano ... el dia de los muertos ... a new way of walkin’ ... a pain in the ass ... a remarkable reversal. September 2007 slideshow.

August 2007 – Mostly in the Yolo Bypass of the Sacramento River.  A goatherd ... wallowing monsters ... Claude like clowd ... muskrats ... the long way 'round ... the horsiest movie ... book review. August 2007 Slideshow

July 2007 – A ride. Cache Creek ... adaptation ... extreme trials ... princess's pique ... shaking, apples and shit.

June 2007 story: Greener Grass. June 2007 slideshow.

May 2007story: Modesto. May 2007 slideshow.

April 2007: “Hey!” & Earth Day.

December 2006: Christmas in the desert

November 2006: Louisiana. A week of ridecamping, mostly in the swamps but also among the denizens of the deep south.

August 2006: Comeuppances. In which our hero raises eyebrows, and also gets a bit of his own back.

July 2006: mostly Stockton.

A picture album of some of my favorites (86, actually).

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